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I would like to give a brief update on the status of Netfilter software packages for Debian Buster.

Before getting into details, worth noting that back in 2016, I spearheaded the creation of a Debian packaging team to reunite all packaging efforts related to Netfilter software in Debian. The team materialized finally, but in practice every maintainer works in their own packages mostly.

One of the most important changes for this release is a bump towards nftables, the replacement of the iptables/xtables framework. This bump is just what was decided at the Netfilter Workshop 2018 in Berlin: encourage users to migrate to native nftables and promoting the nft-based version of the iptables command line interface as a way to ease this migration.

The iptables Debian binary package now includes 2 flavours of the command line interface, iptables-nft and iptables-legacy, and you can choose between the two using the update-alternatives system. The default is iptables-nft. This change affects ip6tables, arptables and ebtables as well, and all related tools, like iptables-save and iptables-restore. Thanks to the hard work by Alberto Molina, both the arptables and ebtables Debian packages, which were abandoned and in a bad shape, are now refreshed and ready to work in this new setup. Both packages include the -legacy version, while arptables-nft and ebtables-nft are present in the iptables binary package. This change goes in line with what other major Linux distributions out there are doing, like RedHat.

These changes took most of my available time. But just today I uploaded a new package for the conntrack-tools suite, with a bit of refresh for Debian Buster, with no major changes this time. Most Netfilter libraries are in shape, and also other tools like ulogd2 or ipset (well, ipset requires a bit of refresh yet). My feeling is that Debian Buster is in very good shape, at least from Netfilter packages point of view.

By the time of this writing, Debian Buster is still testing. And is meant to get into full development freeze in 2019-03-12. I would expect the release to actually happen somewhere around april to july 2019 perhaps.