In the last few months I presented several talks. Topics ranged from a round table on free software, to sharing some of my work as SRE in the Cloud Services team at the Wikimedia Foundation. For some of them the videos are now published, so I would like to write a reference here, mostly as a way to collect such events for my own record. Isn’t that what a blog is all about, after all?

Before you continue reading, let me mention that the two talks I’ll reference were given in my native Spanish. The videos are hosted on YouTube and autogenerated subtitles should be available, with doubtful quality though. Also, there was at least one additional private talk that I’m not allowed to comment on here today.

I was invited to participate in a Docker community event called Kroquecon, which was aimed at pushing the spanish-speaking Kubernetes community around the world. The event name is a word play with ‘Kubernetes’, ‘conference’ and ‘croqueta’, typical Spanish food. The talk happened on 2021-04-29, and I was part of a round table about free software, communities and how to join and participate in such projects. I commented on my experience in both the Debian project, Netfilter and my several years in Google Summer of Code (3 as student, 2 as mentor).

Video of the event:

The other event was the CNCF-supported Kubernetes Community Days Spain (KCD Spain). During Kroquecon I was encouraged to submit a talk proposal for this event, to talk about something related to our use of Kubernetes in the Wikimedia Cloud Services team at the Wikimedia Foundation.

The proposal was originally rejected. Then, a couple of weeks before the event itself, I was contacted by the organizers with a greenlight to give it because the other speaker couldn’t make it. My coworker David Caro joined me in the presentation. It was titled “Conoce Wikimedia Toolforge, plataforma basada en Kubernetes” (or “Meet Wikimedia Toolforge, Kubernetes-based platform”).

We explained what Wikimedia Cloud Services is, focusing on Toolforge, and in particular how we use Kubernetes to enable the platform’s most interesting use cases. We covered several interesting topics, including how we handle multi-tenancy, or the problems we had with the etcd & ceph combo. The slides we used are available.

Video of the event: