The moment has come. You may contact me now at :-)

After almost 6 months of tough NM process, the waiting is over. I have achieved the goal I set to myself back in 2011: become Debian Developer.

This is a professional and personal victory.

I would like to mention many people who have been important for this to happen. But they all know, no need to create a list here. Thanks!

This weekend I was doing some hiking in the mountains and had no internet conection at all. When I arrived back home, I discovered an email from Debian System Administrators on behalf of The Debian New Maintainer Team, in which they let me know that my official DD account had been created.

During the last 6 month I have been trying to imagine the moment in which the process is finally completed (yes, I have been a bit impatient). At the end, the magical moment in the mountains was followed by the joy of the DD account. Curious how things happen sometimes.

Here is a pic of this mountain day, with my adventure friends. I am the first from the left.