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Last month, in October 2023, I started a new job as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at the Germany-headquartered technology company Spryker. They are primarily focused on e-commerce and infrastructure businesses.

I joined this company with excitement and curiosity, as I would be working with a new technology stack: AWS and Terraform. I had not been directly exposed to them in the past, but I was aware of the vast industry impact of both.

Suddenly, things like PXE boot, NIC firmware, and Linux kernel upgrades are mostly AWS problems.

This is a full-time, 100% remote job position. I’m writing this post one month into the new position, and all I can say is that the onboarding was smooth, and I found some good people in my team.

Prior to joining Spryker, I was a Senior SRE at the Wikimedia Cloud Services team at the Wikimedia Foundation. I had been there since 2017, for 6 years. It was a privilege working there.