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Today it’s my first day working at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit foundation behind well-known projects like Wikipedia and others.

This is a full-time, remote job as part of the Wikimedia Cloud Services team, as Operations Engineer.

I will be working with modern infrastructure/hosting technologies such as OpenStack and Kubernetes to provide support to the Wikimedia movement and community. All contributors of the movement that provide value to the Wikimedia movement are welcome to use our resources.

The recruitment process took several months and was really challenging, 6 or 7 interviews with different people with, of course, heavy technical checks.

The Wikimedia Foundation has been always in my radar due to 2 facts:

  1. They serve a very relevant mission, commited to freedom of knowledge, community colaboration, focusing in the benefit that this provides to the society.
  2. They have a huge infrastructure/technological deployment which, among other things, allows Wikipedia to be one of the TOP5-TOP10 websites.

This new job is a big challenge for me and I’m a bit nervous. I feel like this is a big step forward in my professional career and I will try to do my best :-)

My new email address is You can find me in IRC freenode as well, nick arturo.

Great times ahead! :-)