GNU Linux

The year 2016, which is about to end, has been full of work and contributions to the FLOSS comunity.

Most of my focus goes to two important projects: Debian and Netfilter. This is no coincidence, since my main interests in the IT world are systems and networks.

Some numbers (no exhaustive count):

  • Netfilter patches/commits: ~60 contributions
  • Netfilter docs/wiki: ~20 contributions
  • Debian patches/commits: ~200 contributions
  • Debian package uploads: ~30 uploads (also some sponsored uploads)
  • Debian package maintenance: ~10 packages
  • Number of non-technical people migrated to linux: 2!!

I would like to note that most of my work is done in my spare time, and nobody is paying for it (with the exeption of the Suricata debian package).

My expectation for 2017 is to continue in this line, learn more and increment the quality of my contributions.

I’m especially proud of the the non-technical people who migrated to desktop linux due to my help. I’m targeting 2 or 3 more friends and relatives for 2017.

So, goodbye 2016! Exciting 2017 ahead.