GSoC goodies

The other day Google published the list of accepted projects for this year round of Google Summer of Code. Many organizations were accepted, and there are 3 that are specially interesting to me: Netfilter, Wikimedia Foundation and Debian.

The GSoC initiative is a great opportunity to enter the professional FLOSS world, knowing more of your favorite project, having a mentor and earning a stipend along the way.

The Netfilter project (check the dashboard) has published a list of ideas for students to work on. I will likely be mentoring here. Be aware that students who submit patches as part of the warmup period are more likely to be elected.

The Debian project (check the dashboard) also has a great list of proposals in a variety of different technologies, from packaging to Android, also with some web and backend project ideas. Is great to see again Debian participating in GSoC. Last year we weren’t present.

The Wikimedia Foundation (check the dashboard) has like 8 projects for students to work on, also with different scopes, including an interesting project for improving Toolforge.

So, students, don’t be afraid to participate! There are a lot of projects, different technologies and people to work with, so there should be one waiting for you.