• openvpn deployment with Debian Stretch

    Debian Openvpn

    Debian Stretch feels like an excellent release by the Debian project. The final stable release is about to happen in the short term.

    Among the great things you can do with Debian, you could set up a VPN using the openvpn software.

    In this blog post I will describe how I’ve deployed myself an openvpn server using Debian Stretch, my network environment and my configurations & workflow.

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  • IPv6 and CGNAT


    Today I ended reading an interesting article by the 4th spanish ISP regarding IPv6 and CGNAT. The article is in spanish, but I will translate the most important statements here.

    Having a spanish Internet operator to talk about this subject is itself good news. We have been lacking any news regarding IPv6 in our country for years. I mean, no news from private operators. Public networks like the one where I develop my daily job has been offering native IPv6 since almost a decade…

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  • Netfilter in GSoC 2017


    Great news! The Netfilter project has been elected by Google to be a mentoring organization in this year Google Summer of Code program. Following the pattern of the last years, Google seems to realise and support the importance of this software project in the Linux ecosystem.

    I will be proudly mentoring some student this 2017 year, along with Eric Leblond and of course Pablo Neira.

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  • About process limits, round 2


    I was wrong. After the other blog post About process limits, some people contacted me with additional data and information. I myself continued to investigate on the issue, so I have new facts.

    I read again the source code of the slapd daemon and the picture seems clearer now.

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  • About process limits


    The other day I had to deal with an outage in one of our LDAP servers, which is running the old Debian Wheezy (yeah, I know, we should update it).

    We are running openldap, the slapd daemon. And after searching the log files, the cause of the outage was obvious:

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  • Debian is a puzzle: difficult

    Debian is a puzzle

    Debian is very difficult, a puzzle. This surprising statement was what I got last week when talking with a group of new IT students (and their teachers).

    I would like to write down here what I was able to obtain from that conversation.

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  • My FLOSS activity in 2016

    GNU Linux

    The year 2016, which is about to end, has been full of work and contributions to the FLOSS comunity.

    Most of my focus goes to two important projects: Debian and Netfilter. This is no coincidence, since my main interests in the IT world are systems and networks.

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  • Creating a team for netfilter packages in debian

    Debian - Netfilter

    There are about 15 Netfilter packages in Debian, and they are maintained by separate people.

    Yersterday, I contacted the maintainers of the main packages to propose the creation of a pkg-netfilter team to maintain all the packages together.

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  • Great Debian meeting in Seville

    Debian meeting Seville

    Last week we had an interesting Debian meeting in Seville, Spain. This has been the third time (in recent years) the local community meets around Debian.

    We met at about 20:00 at Rompemoldes, a crafts creation space. There we had a very nice dinner while talking about Debian and FLOSS. The dinner was sponsored by the Plan4D assosiation.

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  • nftables in Debian Stretch

    Debian - Netfilter

    The next Debian stable release is codenamed Stretch, which I would expect to be released in less than a year.

    The Netfilter Project has been developing nftables for years now, and the status of the framework has been improved to a good point: it’s ready for wide usage and adoption, even in high-demand production environments.

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  • The day I became Debian Developer


    The moment has come. You may contact me now at :-)

    After almost 6 months of tough NM process, the waiting is over. I have achieved the goal I set to myself back in 2011: become Debian Developer.

    This is a professional and personal victory.

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  • About Pacemaker HA stack in Debian Jessie

    Debian - Pacemaker

    People keep ignoring the status of the Pacemaker HA stack in Debian Jessie. Most people think that they should stick to Debian Wheezy.

    Why does this happen? Perhaps little or none publicity of the situation.

    Since some time now, Debian contains a Pacemaker stack which is ready to use in both Debian Jessie and in Debian Stretch.

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  • Google Summer of Code 2016


    This year, I mentored a student in Google Summer of Code 2016.

    I have been involved as a mentor in the Netfilter project, working with nftables and the translation layer between iptables and nft.

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  • Initial post


    Finally, I decided it was time to switch from blogger to jekyllrb hosted at github pages.

    My old blog at will still be online as an archive, since I don’t plan to migrate the content from there to here.

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