• About Pacemaker HA stack in Debian Jessie

    Debian - Pacemaker

    People keep ignoring the status of the Pacemaker HA stack in Debian Jessie. Most people think that they should stick to Debian Wheezy.

    Why does this happen? Perhaps little or none publicity of the situation.

    Since some time now, Debian contains a Pacemaker stack which is ready to use in both Debian Jessie and in Debian Stretch.

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  • Google Summer of Code 2016


    This year, I mentored a student in Google Summer of Code 2016.

    I have been involved as a mentor in the Netfilter project, working with nftables and the translation layer between iptables and nft.

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  • Initial post


    Finally, I decided it was time to switch from blogger to jekyllrb hosted at github pages.

    My old blog at will still be online as an archive, since I don’t plan to migrate the content from there to here.

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